Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last Saturday.....10 Jan 09

Venue..Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam
Date..10 Jan '09
Attendees...People who love peace and care bout their Muslim friend

The crowd.... My bro with his fren, at the 3rd row from the back.

Me and Adriana, along's daughter...

**sigh** Last Sat me and my sibling went to stadium melawati to show our support to the Palestinians. I arrived there at 10 a.m. There, i saw all the crew giving out posters and flyers. Then, we get into the stadium and not so many people inside there. When the program started, people keep on coming in but still the stadium was not full. I still see many seat are empty and it wasn't what i expected. Sayang sekali....kalu nak dibandingkan dengan audience time AF tu, jauuuhhhhh skali. Terfikir sekejap, orang M'sia ni mmg kejar bende2 b'bntuk hiburan je ke?? Tapi xpe la....maybe rmai yg ade komitmen lain. Back to the program, most of the crowd came from the UIAM students. They brought together Palestinians flags and lots of banners. The night before, me and my bros have prepared 2 banners but i didn't have the pics yet.. Lupe nk amik gamba banner sndiri =) nnti i'll upload bile da ade. "SHAME ON U!! KILLING D' CHILD" and "ISRAEL & U.S..THE REAL DAJJAL" was the text for our banner. It was very sickening to see the Israel is doing everything to get the Holy Land. The only thing i can do is to show my support to the Palestinian.
Satu lagi perkara yg menyakitkan hati bile i tgk berita mlm tdi. Org2 yahudi di Israel begitu gembira dengan apa yg berlaku sekarang. Diorang smpaikan menganggap setiap letupan peluru Israel bagaikan bunga api yang mereka nantikan. Mereka beramai2 mncari 'port' yg paling baik utk menyaksikan dan bertepuk gembira. Aduh...kejam sungguh mereka ini. Kemana pergi nye sifat kemanusiaan?? X kira bangsa atau ape agama sekalipun, as a human, who can stand there to watch the bomb who mostly killed the children and those innocent people?? Memang inilah yang dikatakan bahwa yahudi sememangnya bangsa yang paling jahat, kejam dan manusia yang paling tidak mengenal erti belas kasihan.....
But let us pray that this war and massacre will end very soon. Enough killing and suffer to those innocent people. But to those Israelis and their supporters, REMEMBER, one day, there will be one group of Mujahid will fight for each Muslims that have been killed!! This is not just a talk but this is the promise of our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
Khaibar...Khaibar...Ya Yahud!!
Remember how u've lose in Khaibar war...Wallahi, it will happen again.

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