Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nu Year Resolution.....

  • Wanna Have a Success Career
  • Settle my PTPTN loan
  • Get a New Car
  • Have My Own Company

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't Look Back In Anger.....

"So I'll start a revolution from my bed'
Cuz you said the brains I had went to my head
Step outside, summertime's in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out
And so, Sally can wait
She knows it's too late as we're
walking on by
Her soul slides away
But don't look back in anger
I heard you say "

Just listened this song in my office...hurm, i remember that this is the favourite song of the person that i admired since i was in school. As Wani Ardy said...bintang jatuh (",) yes....he is my bintang jatuh. Even rite now pun i'm blushing tau. He never knew that i like him. It's a feeling yg i keep inside for so long. I rmember that i knew him when i was 10 and now i'm 24. How long is that?? Huhuhu....my first love when i was in form5. His name is Talha. B4 he stayed in johore and now in klang. Well, we've been together for 5years. Due to sum problem yg xbole dielakkan, we broke up. Tpi i know it was my fault. He's the nicest man that i know. Till now pun, he is one of my best friend and person yg i cri to share my problem. Second love, there was this omani who i met when i'm working in subang. Don't wanna talk much bout him. It's a heartbreaking to rmmber things we had....and for the second time, it was my fault. Stupid me!!
That was my past.....

This is my present.....
Rite now i'm with my new bf which i syg sngt2, azzlan. Sumtime prngai die yg a bit childish tu annoy me but still i bole b'tahan. I tatau nape but he can really control me...i guess =) i really hope that our relation will last. Penat bercinta ni. Tgk kwan2 len yg da ade hubby and baby tu wat i rase nak jugak...hihihi. Fara, fuzy's sis, is getting married. Lgi sebulan jer....lpak with her parents yg slalu discuss bout ther wedding makes me questioning myself. When will my parents discussing bout mine?? Keep it for the future.......

That was my love story yg i cut short. For me, it was like a reminder for me not to break others heart. Well, i've failed twice and i dont wanna make it thrice.

Today is the last day in 2008 and a few hours later, we'll be in a new year 2009...Let's take whatever happened in 2008 as a lesson and wish for the very best for 2009. Try not to look back in anger. Look back with laughter cos those things make us more mature in life.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Life has new meaning to me. There's beauty up above, and things we never take notice of. You wake up and suddenly you're in love...." (~Billy Ocean~)

Pernah x u guys wake up and feel that way? That happened to me this morning. I know that i love this guy but this morning, i feel that i love him much much more. It seems funny cos all this while i'm trying to hold back. Bak kate org melayu, main tarik tali. Huhuhu =) Kdg2 it is scary for me to see myself in love with sumone. It's hard for me to put my trust on him and to trust myself too....hahaha**

Pelik kadang2 rasanya cinta tu kan??
Kite saling mencintai tapi dalam mase yg same susah utk kite luahkan.

Next year da nak msuk 25 years old. By that age,my mum already have 3daughters. Sumtimes when i go back home, my mum will ask me "Bile la anak mak ni nak kawen?" and the answer that she will get is "Tunggu la klau da gatal"...hukhukhuk =) ampun mak....


For those who's birthday in the month of December which is the same month with me, i wish all of you "Heppi Burfday!! Have a great day and may all your dreams come true.."

Utk Zura, Kak Yang, Yatie, Mena, Fara, Datun and sape2 yg i lupe nak wish tu, i'm so sorry. Life is busy nowadays.....trying to catch up with the work and lots of other stuff till i don't have time to wish all of you. I love you guys so much!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

malam sunyi...

malam ini sunyi..
hati juga sunyi..
ingin mencari si dia, namun entah ke mana arahnya....
hati marah, hati berdendam
kenapa kini ia berlaku
bayangan hitamnya berulang kali menjemput ku
dalam lena...dalam jaga...
maaf kan aku...di atas segalanya

buat kawan kawan

buat kawan kawan
kita b'glak tawa bersama
waktu indah kekal selamanya...

buat kawan kawan
kita tangis jua bersama
tinggalkan yg pahit jadi pedoman...

tapi kawan-kawan
tetap ada yg mendengki?
masih sakit hatinya melihat kita senang?
kenapa masih ada yg begitu?, masih begitu di kalangan kita....

**sigh.... ;(**