Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Write it on....

This morning i received a text message from my officemate, Kamalesh. The message is like this

>> if you have to write a single beautiful line on my hand, what would you write?

Then i replied him with a single short word, JA'AT. He just laugh as he's sitting next to me then. Well yes...he is a total disaster. 100% pure Ja'at. Hahahahaha....Then, as usual i passed it to my friend and i received different answers and some unexpected answer. Listed are some of the answers that i received. Here it goes...

>> you're my lovely sis!
>> dun use this hand to slap me. hahaha
>> fadhil
>> gedik
>> Its nice to know you
>> i miss you
>> frens 4eva
>> ur beyond words....
>> thanks for being my friend
>> every time u smile at someone, its an action of friendship, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing....
>> want to be near u, not for the thoughts we share but for the words we never have to speak
>> God's sweetest creation... (~weehee~ i'm flying)

^_^ wink..wink..

I was wondering is that what i really am to them...Lucky i didn't received not-so-wanted negative response. Except for fuzy, she call me 'gedik'. Kdg2 gedik gak...So i just suck it up for what people say or think or predict what i am. It's a free country. People can say anything bout u and you can say anything you want bout others too right?