Thursday, December 17, 2009



it's been so long i didnt update my blog. nowadays, time's runnin too fast. Damn!

my sisters' wedding was held at my home. Akad nikah on 12122009 after maghrib. Around 200 guest were invited. Family, close relatives, close frens and neighbors only. On 13132009, the event started at 11am until 4pm. Invited guest around 1000 but i dunno how many of them came. The event goes well even it didnt happened as what i wanted. Maybe my expectation was too high or i'm seeking for perfection. Hurmmm....i just got no idea on that. But as long as my family happy and satisfied, i'm ok with it. For those who came for the wedding, thank u very much for your time and the present. (On behalf of Hayati.... :) Many of my mum's fren from subang came. My long lost fren, aliah, atiqah was here too. Suprisingly, asykil n irina pon ade. Yeehaaa!!!! Around 4pm, it's over. But still there are people came to my house till 9pm. Dang....i was too tired to entertain them. Sorry.... For my sis, i wish the very best with her new life. Alhamdulillah, at last she met her life partner. And i know my whole family was too happy for her.

As for me, well, i guess i already found my soulmate but i dunno whether he'll be my life partner. Que sera, sera....what will be will be. We just plan but God will decide. Anyway, so many things happened to me this year. There are sadness, craziness, happiness and loads of other feelings. 2009, a year to remember. This is the year when i met this guy, Fadhil Rahman. During my sis wedding, he helped a lot. Thank u so much dear. I can see that he can blend well with my family. I'm so happy with that :) sumtime, he's a bit crazy but that's why i like him.... He bring joy to my life. And cos of him, i started to smile once again.