Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Am i a good pretender?
We'll as far as I can see, YES. I've done a very good job. bravo!!!
Was it a real cheer? I guess, I'm still pretending to be happy.

Deep inside, I'm critically wounded. I dunno will I ever heal.
But in front of others, I wear a smile. Just to fool them.
Pretend that I'm happy which i am not.
Wish they will never know that it's just a show.

Now, its just ME...again....ONLY ME & MYSELF.
I'm just waiting for the ''result'' which I guess that could change my life.Really hope that I'll make it through.
If I'm in, then i would probably say Goodbye....

Goodbye to the sadness surround me..goodbye to those memories that used to be my strength...goodbye to everyone. I'm done..


anne; said...


hehe.kenal takk niii?

Fuzy blurry said...

hang pretender..okay la lagi..

orang ni apa eh???